Florida Tour 2016

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The Florida tour is now history but will live for a long time in our memories!  Logistically, everything went without a hitch which is no small thing when organizing seven band members, four rented cars, 390 miles between the Friday and Saturday concerts, equipment set up and take down and six concerts in five days.

The band members all agree that this trip was one of the highlights of our time together as a band.  We played in two Baptist Churches, two Mennonite Churches and two outdoor concerts.  Our music was very well received at all six places and we feel privileged to have been able to perform at each of them.  We cherish the memories of the meals and the fellowship we shared with the wonderful people at each location.

Florida 2016

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The Bethel Mountain Band is pleased to announce our Florida 2016 tour.  We plan to leave Oregon on January 13, traveling to Panama City, Florida.  We will do two concerts in the panhandle, then travel to Sarasota for the remaining time, flying home on January 19, 2016.  See the schedule page for more details.

Bluegrass in the Orchard Grass 2015

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The fifth annual Bluegrass in the Orchardgrass is history.  Our line up included 4 bands and music from 2:30 to 7:00 p.m.  Despite the hot weather, there was a good turnout and we had a great time. 

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The second Bethel Mountain Band Eastern U. S. Trip.  April 9-12, 2015,  was a great success.  We played to great audiences in Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  We are very grateful we had the opportunity to travel and sing.  We had a good time and have heard from many people that our music was appreciated.  Lord willing, we hope we can travel again.  Next time to . . . well, we don’t know yet.  When we find out, it will be posted here.



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Summer is over and things are beginning to slow down a bit for us.  We enjoyed our summer schedule and are looking forward to the remaining programs for 2014.  We have a great beginning on scheduling 2015.  We have been working on recording our 3rd CD.  We should be able to complete recording in one more session, then we will have several weeks of waiting for the completed master copy, design and production of the CD cover, and replication of the music.  We hope to have it all done before the beginning of 2015.  We will also be planning the 5th annual Bluegrass in the Orchard Grass gospel music festival on August 1, 2015.  Mark your calendars now to join us and 4 other bands for a great afternoon of music!